Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh they started early

It looks like they are giving us a bit of an early start rather than the 1st of June.

June 1st will still be the official start day but our first challenge is this Sunday 30th May and I had my weigh in and body mapping done yesterday.

Body mapping is like working out your true bodyAge like they have on biggest Loser.  While my Personal trainer tells me its not 100% its pretty good way to start things.  I don't think he was keen for me to do the whole Body Age thing as I have such issues with my body image in my head anyway.  I think he was concerned it might have been a bad way to start.

For me I wanted to know how unfit I was and I am Ok with it.  It was also nice to know that the scales at the gym are pretty much the same as mine at home if anything I weighed less on the gym ones.

Starting Stats
Weight 89.2        (my goal weight is to be back around 56-57kgs)  my weighloss challenge goal weigh is to be under 80Kgs. 

Although I am nearly 41 years old my actually body rating came in at 51 years old.
My Body fat % is 43.2.  I need to reduce this down to 20-25% to improve my body age by 8 years.
Increasing my cardo from 23mls to 30mls will improve my age by another 2 years.
and a few other smaller adjustments to add a year or two.

Its scary that I have lost 10 years due to being overweight. 10 years - Yes 10 years is a huge amount of time to kiss off your life. Very selfish and soon to change.

We started off with my new programme & the plan is to be at the gym every single day. I can do it and I am not going to beat myself up if I cant make it due to family commitments. But nothing else will be an excuse for 12 weeks.

Diet wise might be a bit harder as I will be cooking 3 different meals at dinner times because my family all like so many different things.  Planning is going to be the key - I have no excuse.

I don't want to be like the first person voted off Biggest Loser when 12 weeks later they haven't lost much weight. I want to be at least noticeable weight loss or deep down - I want to be the biggest weight loss in the group.

Talking about the group I haven't met anyone yet but my trainer has told me that there are a few who are using it as a weight loss.

I am in the right place now - No one is going to sabotage my effort this time and I am putting myself first. I tired of missing out & not having a social life because I would rather be up the back of the crowd than being in it as I am so ashamed of the 35kgs I have put on.

Sunday is going to be an exciting time. They have for some reason started out first exercise challenge and it appears that two of the Biggest Loser contestant will be there for a talk afterwards. Yippy!

I am strong, I am determined and I am focused.

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