Monday, May 24, 2010

Count down to the 12 week challenge.

I have joined a 12 week challenge at my local gym.  It's only open to 30 people and its a personal challenge so its not just about weight loss.  People who are super fit may join the group because they want to be more motivated.

Of course I am joining because I want to loose weight and get into a routine of exercising.

I probably won't post any pictures here so all the creepy peeps don't bother coming back.  Maybe I will at a later stage who knows.  I just feel a little weird posting anything in real life as once its out on the WWW its very hard to delete it.

So the journey begins.  Well I thought it was to start on the 1st of June 2010 but I received information today that the first exercise challenge is going to be this Sunday which makes it a May date.

Lots of things are included - Personal training, weight loss info and loads more which i will go into as each day progresses.

I am going in for my "Biggest loser" type assessment  on Thursday.  They are going to do body mapping and work out my true body age.  Haha oh that gives me a bellyache and heart pains just thinking about Thursday.

So that is were I am at the moment - Armed with loads of motivational weightloss and fitness books for reading.

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  1. Go Felicity! Hope you accomplish all that you want with this challenge x