Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fell off the wagon - What Wagon!!!!

Well, how do I condense over a year of my life into a short post?

So right now - I have signed up for another round of Michelle Bridges 12WBT  I thought I could lose the last 10-15kgs on my own.  I thought after several rounds that I knew what I was doing.  And I did know what I was doing but I did lapse back into looking after everyone else but ME!

Life has been full on to say the very least.  Sadly since my last round in 2012. I have gained at least 12 kilos and lost my fitness and muscle tone.  My small clothes are now at the back of the wardrobe and I want to wear them again.

I lost the plot after some family matters back in 2012 and then I went back to full time work that was stressful and physically exhausting.  I was then made redundant from that job after 12mths and I then went to another job, with a very well known computer company.

That was the most horrible boring, stressful, job that I have ever done.  I hadn’t realised at the time that between losing a job, dealing with personal matters, and a child with autism and not having any money.  That I was slowing crawling into a dark hole.

I was miserable at the computer company.  To the point that I would cry upon getting in my car to go home every night.  But I needed the money.  One of the managers there was downright rude to me one day and she put a complaint into My Recruitment Company.  On the following Monday I had a meeting with everyone concerned, explained what had happened and I believed all was good.  Come home Wednesday night and received a phone call after dinner from my recruitment agency.  I was let out of my contract. In my 45 years I have never lost a job, let alone two in a period of 3 months.  I guess thats the downside of being a full time casual.

It was a blessing in disguise.  I was in such a negative, stressful place with my life. I was never going to lose weight.  From that day I felt such a relief and decided I wasn’t going to take any crap job that didn’t make me happy.

I also decided that with everything in my life that for my health and well being that I needed to work part time.

Fast forward 5 weeks and I am now back working in my old industry, which I know like the back of my hand.  Three days only and working with a great team who are also into living a life less stressed.

So life is good again.  I hate not feeling positive but being there has made me realise that everything is up to me.

And I need to be the old me again.  The one in control of my life, my eating, my emotions, my exercise and what I see on the scales.

Bring it on............

83kgs today ...... Boo hoo.

Hope I haven’t bored you senseless!!!!

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