Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First weigh in 76.4kgs

All of last week I was 77.6kgs - It did go up higher than that earlier in the week but I will take it from my weigh in on Sunday.

Today is our first offical weigh in and I am back down to 76.4kgs.  So now I am around what I was at the end of last challenge.  I do feel lighter than that and I will be honest I had some microwave popcorn last night which is probably full of salt and I retained some of that today for the weigh in.

Now I am super proud of myself as I have managed to go to gym every day this week.  Yesterday I started work at 8am moving the shop around.  Hard physical work and I was completely knacked when I got home at 5pm.  But I reminded myself that I actually had more energy left in the tank and I felt much better than I did two weeks earlier when I had the flu.

So I took myself off to do a spin class and burnt 500+ calories while I was at it.  I was so pumped afterwards that I struggled to fall off to sleep even though I was so utterly exhausted but I felt fantastic that "I could do it".

I am back to work today hopefully it will only be 4 hours and I will get my butt off for a super session with Matt tonight at Yarra Road, Primary school.

In the past year that I have been trying to loose weight I have not dropped into the 75kgs bracket.  I am so close that I feel if I do stick with the program this week I can smash it.  My brain has held me back for so long as its been my mini goal all along to get into and under 75kgs.  I am going to do it this week.

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