Saturday, February 25, 2012

Well another week has passed and we are entering in to week 3.

I have had a full on day with my sons birthday party with 18, 8 years olds at a Play centre and as the day has gone on.  I have now gained a throat that feels like razors have replaced it and a thumping headache just to add to it.

My week has gone along well.  Work is another story.

Pushed myself to burn the calories at gym and eat well. I even went for my first jog/shuffle while it was daylight.  Which was pretty darn exciting (yay, yay, yay!!!).  My poor dog started off by pulling and slowly she tired and was wonderful to jog next too.  The days that I jogged I saw the scales move a lot.  I am all over the place, however on Wednesday weigh in I came in at 79.2kgs.  At least it is going down but still I am a few kilos heavier still than I was at the end of last years challenge.

So my grand plan this week is to go out more often doing outside exercise and get some more shuffling/jogging in on my own.  It is so much nicer being outside in the fresh air.

I have met some lovely ladies this week in the Michelle Bridges Challenge.  It is so nice to have loads of new people to help kick my butt. It is very motivating, especially seeing this is my 3rd round. (OK round 2 doesnt count other than I paid for it).

This week I tried a new recipe and have replaced my fav lunch salad with a new one and boy is it delish!

This was my fav salad. Its from Michelle's new book ~ Chickpea and tuna. (see orginal photo in book on the left) and my version on the right.  I say it was my fav but it has now been replaced with (see below)

My new favorite is Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad 

Well thats enough of me for today.  Main aim is to get some serious exercise in on Monday and Tuesday as its the only days I have off this week and that I will have the energy to get some kick arse done.


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