Tuesday, February 14, 2012

81kgs Day 1 of Round 1, 2012 Michelle Bridges

So I sit here feeling a little bit excited today.

Why you ask?  Yes I can hear you!

Today I finally achieved a goal that I have wanted to do for soooo long. For the first time I went to the  1000 Steps in Ferntree Gully and completed them.  Yay for me! The lovely Kylie also a 12WBT and I achieved our first time together.  It was bloody hard work and I burnt over 800 cals in under 1hr 10mins.  I did turn off my HRM when we got to the top and at a guess there was more cals burnt.

When I arrived I parked in the lower car park due to parking restrictions.  I met up with Kylie near the top carpark.  I think my heart rate was already well over 140 walking up the incline.  So we walked and walked and got puffy. Thinking maybe we are already half way.  Kept walking and we both thought maybe there are no stairs.  Just a lovely walking track.

Soooooooooo Wrong!!! after walking another 10mins we found the bottom of the stairs.  I was already ready to turn around and go home.  But we did it.  Took about 40mins but we did it!!!

I am so freaking excited and afterwards we both crashed at the picinic tables and had our MB lunch which was kind of funny as we bought the same thing that wasn't on day 2 of the menu.

If you are looking at doing the stairs. Its worth doing on a day that it hasnt been raining.  The stairs are very steep at the top and even though it hadn't been raining in Melbourne for the past few days.  It was foggy this morning and the track was very very slipper.  I would hate to see what it's like during winter. It was just a beautiful day and location.  Well when I wasn't trying to put my heart back into my chest!

Now talking about food.  I know Day 2 is hard ~ Lets just say I struggled yesterday big time and a few extra snacks I did sneak in.

I am loving the new Michelle Bridges cook book but I will have to save that for another day. As I will have photos and recipes to share. Nite!

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