Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meeting Tommy Hafey

Last night at my gym we had a night with Tommy Hafey.  If you have no idea who Tommy is - Watch the video. He is an ex footballer/coach that at nearly 80 still gets up at 5.20am come rain, hail or shine and trains. Even swims in the freezing cold of winter at the beach.

He is just an all round nice guy, straight talking, awesome, motivating great guy.

Just like Michelle's weekly mindset lessons - I walked away pumped.

Actually I felt like I had a "Dali lama" moment.  It was like he was talking to me.

If you ever get a chance to see this guy "Just go and do it".  He talked about everything from how he goes to schools and motivates the kids to his own goals and challenges he sets.

So I came home and I'm still working through my goals and reading the ones I set at the start of the MB challenge and tweaking them.   I haven't really ever gone to a "Motivational" type thing but boy it was just what I needed to get my thoughts back on track and try some new things.

Including better parenting my son.  Loads of things that I will post about when I have had time to process everything.

Yesterday I did a killer Circuit class at gym and I was so happy that my little man is helping me get to my classes by getting ready for school super early.  We talk so much about "Support Crews" well my little 7 year old is being fantastic.   He used to struggle with me leaving every day so much so that I had to stay for 30mins after school had started just to get him settled.  Now I leave him at the gate and he walks off to class.

Each time I make sure he is in the middle building before I turn away and my heart strings pull a little.  We have come such a long way.

Anyway, off track again.  Managed to burn nearly 700 cals which blew me away.  I am guessing it was so much because the class was more like boot camp and I hadn't pushed myself really at all that week.

It was like coming home and just what I needed.  No gym yesterday as they replaced all of the cardio equipment so it was super exciting to go to gym today to see loads of new shinny treadmills, bike etc.

I made it to Spin class.  Boy I love this class especially when Lee or Karen take the class.  Its really kick arse  without really noticing the time and then suddenly its time for cool down and stretch and I feel on top of the world for completing another spin class.  So I kind of did my super session today and ended up burning another 600 plus in the gym.  Now my silly Garmen heart rate watch turned it self off so many times I lost track.  When I walked out of the gym I had burn over 1000 according to my watch but I think it was way more than that.

I feel totally spent tonight ready for bed by 6pm and honestly love that feeling.

Check out the size of his hands.  Now I am only 5ft 1 so Tommy's small compared to todays footy players but those hands.  No way a footy was going to slip through them.  As I already said He was amazing guy & true gentleman.

And the photo well I can't believe my double chin popped back in for a photo.  Thought I had lost it around week 4 of the challenge.  Bawahahah!

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