Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well I didn't make it to my goal of 75kgs by this weigh in.   I am sure if I weigh in tomorrow I will be there. I sort of lost my way this week after having being on a high, for having  a good size weight drop last week.

There seems to be a repeating pattern of "Something" I keep doing every weekend/start of the week.  I am not sure if being a little slack with my food on the weekend or doing increased exercise Sun-Tuesday shows a higher weigh in on Wednesdays compared to me weighing in on Thursdays.  Who knows!

Never mind because really at the end of the day, I am dropping down in weight not going up and my lifestyle has certainly changed.  I am feeling muscles and even bones now that I haven't felt for such a long time.  While I still have loads of jiggly bits there seems to be less padding.  I also figure if I do this at my pace rather than dropping huge numbers each week.  I am personally less likely to gain 5kgs in the minute I stop the program.

I found this week menu food not all that inspiring for me and with the school holidays - I didn't sit down and work out mine and my families meal plans for this week. Planning for me is the main thing.  If the food is there and I am hungry I will eat it.  If I haven't planned and I am hungry I will just grab food (not bad food) but the size of my meal and calories might push me over my daily calorie limit.  I wish that Michelle posted the weeks menu first thing on Thursday as I do our weekly food shopping mornings on Thursday.

I also had my sister 30th Birthday on Saturday and while I tried so hard not to blow out my calories for the day. At the same time it was hard because she had a "French themed" cocktail party with little nibbles, loads of beautiful french cheeses.  I was starving actually most of us was starving add a few glasses of Champers and I kind of lost count of my calories for the day. It was hard to make good food choices because there wasn't a lot to choice from.

I have also had very limited time to get to the gym and burn the calories up.  I have now completed two Cycle classes and just love it. But cry at the same time as its such a new challenge for my body but I love the end result. Gosh listen to me making excuses. (Insert slap to the head)..... Just stop it Felicity!

I am getting lots of people notice I have lost weight and I am finding it hard to accept the compliments because I was around this weight lost October. I need to break through the 75kgs to be able to really say this a new weight loss number on the scales for me.

With the School holidays being here - There are days when I want to go and hang out with my little man.  He went to the gym creche while I did a Circuit class the other day without any complaints.  Well except for him saying "Mum its 7am this is school wake up time".  When the alarm went off for us to get to gym by 9am.  From there we checked out the new Croydon Library and came home with 57 books.  Try carrying them when you have just done a work out.

Then we decided to have lunch at our local Cafe Barkley's.  I knew I could make reasonable healthy food choices here plus they make great coffee.   My little guy had the nachos and I had their yummy Eggs with spinach and salmon.  I think its called the Atlantic.  Anyway its usually smothered in Hollandaise sauce.  Being the new me - The good Felicity was saying just don't order it and the bad was "Oh you can burn it off at the gym".  So I asked for the sauce to be on the side.  I have never done that before and felt really in control.

So here is my yummy healthy after workout brunch.

I wish I could poach an egg like that - I have tried so many times.

This week has also seen me update my I.phone tunes.  I found out that alot of the Cardio tracks for the "Les Mills" classes are by a lady called "Venus Jones". Worth checking out on I.Tunes.

 I had a crappy night last night.  On my way to gym as I reversed out the drive way. Our new neighbour had parked his dark green car opposite our drive way. Where there is no street lighting.  We have a tricky drive way and being wet and raining plus his car being dark when I reversed out I could not see it due to the angle that I have to pull out of our drive.  Being in hubbies 4 day old work car that did not have reversing sensors I smashed into the side back door of my neighbours car and damaged the bumper of hubbies work car which has to be replaced. 

The thing is, I just rolled back while I put the car into 1st (Manual car) and it rolled/touched the other car in a soft spot of his door and it caved it in.

While of course I am happy that no one was hurt.  I am completely guttered as the excess on the car insurance  is $1500.00.   My tax return that is going into my bank account on Monday is $1500.  Not even 5 mins earlier I had said to hubby.  "Now before you go paying bills with that money on Monday - I want some new clothes".  We are also big time struggling with $'s due to work cut backs at hubbies work.  I really need to go back to work but that is another story!

So I was really angry and I am still really angry with myself.  I still went to gym even with red eyes. Every now and then I would remember what a stupid thing and waste of money I had just done and the tears would start flowing again.   I managed to burn off 900 and some angry at the time.  I was glad the new me still went to gym as the old me would have gone up to the super market grabbed a bottle of wine and some junk food and drowned my sorrows that way.  So I guess that was a positive thing!!!

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