Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Happy Dance in the bathroom this morning.  Yes my dog came running down the hall to see what all the fuss was about.  While I was doing happy punches in the air.

My gosh its taken a very long time to finally see a number on the scales that I have not seen in years.

When I started my quest to loose weight last year, I never saw a 75 on the scales.

Well except for the times my silly scales was having a moment or only half of me was on them when it calculated my weight.   So that is it - I am NOT going up again.   For the last 9 weeks of Michelle Bridges I have had to lose the weight that I had lost last year just to get going again.

May 1st 2010 to Oct - I went from 95+kgs down to 76.9 or something the day I went to the Gold Coast.  Then I put on a couple of kilos and then had an operation in December and couldn't exercise and then I slowly started putting on weight again and was back up around 83kgs when I started Michelle Bridges.

So seeing 75.4kgs is new weight that I have lost (finally) Not old weight that I already lost and then put back on again.   It is so much harder to lose weight in your 40's seriously - I am killing my butt at gym eating clean and its slow.  I would have been a size zero now if I was in my 20's after this cleaning living.

No going back - It proves the program works because this week I had two nights of having take out/dinner out. (Had to no other options) but I made good choices and even had a drink.  Wahoo!

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