Sunday, July 17, 2011

Refocusing and getting on the with the job.

The job of weight loss and the reason why I slug it out at the gym.

* Health
* Healthy people live longer
*Get a job (well once I am at goal).
*Be a better parent, wife, sister, friend etc etc.
*Fit into clothes without having to tug or stretch things.
*To be able to just do it!

Time to stop the B/S and get back on the program.

So this week my goal is not to worry about this weeks weigh in day and just focus on each day and eating well. Next week TTOTM is due so I am not even going to think about getting on the scales (no I wont shake on that)....

As I don't have a printer I have hand written my daily/weekly menu and swapped the things that don't appeal to me for foods that I know I like.

I am also starting a new challenge at my gym that starts tomorrow and will go until the middle of September which will work out perfectly with the next Michelle Bridges challenge.  I have no idea what the gym challenge is all about but its something about around the world in 88 days.  

Tomorrow night kicks off the challenge with Tommy Haffy the nearly 80 year old former Collingwood football coach.  Who is an amazing fit inspirational man.  So I am looking forward to that.

My gym has also brought in new cardio gym equipment as of tomorrow and I am stoked to be trying out some new equipment.

Last week of the school holidays was an epic fail for me but next week won't be.

Aiming for the 75kgs and I can do it.

(No photos today) Will have to come up with something creative ;-)

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