Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Dance!!!!! 76.6kgs

Today is officially not weigh in day that was yesterday (77.2kgs) as of the 29th June.

I have to be honest and say for some reason (insert long moaning voice), on  Wednesdays, I weigh heavier than any other day of the week.  I knew and felt like I was a lot lighter so,  I weighed myself again today and in my sleepy haze of 7am I cursed the scales for being screwed up.  Until I realised it said 76.6kgs not 77.6kgs.

I actually can not really remember a time I was 76kgs - I remember way back in 1999 I was around this weight and hated everything about myself.  It was around that time I started taking a prescription medication to lose weight (you know the one - some call it legal speed).  It was terrible terrible stuff and I could only last a few days and then would have to take a break and sleep for a few days straight.  The upside to taking it was that my house was clean because I was so "Pumped up" and had to be doing something but I couldn't sleep and I was dam snappy!  I am amazed that my then boyfriend wanted to marry me! Lucky he did in 2000.

So what else has been happening.

  • I have reached all of my 1st month goals. 
  • To lose 5kgs. 
  •  Attempt my first cycle class. 
  • Up my level of fitness.
  •  To be able to row 2kms in under 10mins.
I can also add running to this list as I have now gone on to start running week 2.  Which is basically running for 1 1/2 mins walking for 2mins.  

I love love love cycle.  There it is out loud.  I went back to Pump last week and put my neck out but I still loved it and will be back next week.

I walked out of my first ever class as it was just not going to burn the calories and it was so not a circuit class.  It was like doing all style warm up exercises at a retirement home.  

I have had to pull out my old bra's etc that I had grown out of years ago and some are now too big........

I need to go shopping for new clothes.  I am still around a 14-16 a long way off 18/20 + that I used to be.

I have moments of "Man I look good!" to "Shit I am still fat and ugly!".  I was really surprised when I heard my innerself talking so badly to me.

I feel like the  Michelle Bridges program has finally "Clicked" this week.  While I have been chopping & changing some of the meals around its still working.

I know that my journey is going to be a lot slower than some of the other people on the challenge.  That's OK.  I need to live a little and eat some cake when its my Birthday without feeling guilty that " I must eat light" for the rest of the week, while beating my head against the wall.   I know now, that I need to just move on to the next day.

I am certainly a lot fitter but I know there is still a long way to go there.  I am still struggling with pain but with the help of the Osteopath I am seeing we have the pain under control.

My goal this week is to be in the 75kgs - Far out!!!! 

I think I had stalled my weight loss because I was basically loosing the weight that I had already lost last year and couldn't see beyond that.  Hope that makes sense.  So now that I am in my new weight loss numbers I finally feel like I am now working towards my new goal.

Challenges coming up school holidays, snacking and lack of "Me" exercise time.  What time I do get at the gym will have to be used burning up calories - Because my puppy needs to be walked most nights I have to share my evenings with her and let hubby and puppy go for walkies.  I hope that maybe I can get a few days in walking her during the day with my son so that I can go to gym at night.

You will need to tilt your head to the side for this one as the photo is the wrong way up!

This is my latest fav meal.  Its from Michelle Bridges cookbook its Tuna mornay and I just love it.  Simple easy and very filling.  I don't bother having it with rice anymore.  I just use Iceberg lettuce to wrap it up in.

Well must head to bed - I have a boot camp style circuit class in the morning that I want to get to in time for.

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  1. woo hoo! you're doing great Felicity! That tuna mornay looks fantastic - I just went and ordered the cook book :-P.