Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am totally amazed to see these numbers on the scales.

This program is really getting me motivated and I have even been trying new classes at gym.

So far my body has held up and although I have plenty of aches. My hip is hanging in there for me. (touch wood).

I have enjoyed most of the food and some not so much.  I could have probably lost more weight if I had followed each day menu without changing things. For example I had the steak with salsa two nights in a row because basically thats what I had in the fridge.  I really need to be more organised and wonder how people are coping, that work and have children/families to look after as well.

Today is sort of the "last chance" workout. I was pumped to get to gym because I have started the "couch to 25km run" program, that I downloaded the app to my it is fantastic.

However, My son was home sick today and instead of beating myself up about it I put on Michelle's "Crunch time" DVD.  Sadly it only burnt up 250cals.  Not huge numbers the day before weigh in.

If I think back that only a little over a week a go and on the Sunday (22nd May) I think it is. I weighed 82.4kgs.  Today, 78.6kgs, So that is a loss of 3.8kgs in a little over a week.  I haven't so far craved for anything as long as I don't let my self get hungry from not being prepared.  It helps that my body hasn't caved in yet.

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