Saturday, June 4, 2011

I have hit a curve ball

Man ......Where have the days and weeks gone.

I am still here.  Some days I am so busy burning calories at gym that it leaves me rushing around to do my every day stuff and falling asleep in a heap at the end of the day.  So no blogging.  Naughty me.

This week has seen me take on so many new classes at gym as well at Boxing session with Matt at the Yarra Road Primary school in Croydon.  I this week I have started the couch to 25km run.  I downloaded a fantastic App to my called, "Get Running".  It was the only one that I found to be in Kms rather than miles. You listen to your own music but a lady counts down your warm up time and then tells you when to run.  Its amazing and I can't believe how much calories get burnt up from running.  Fingers crossed my body keeps being kind to me.

Also this week I added two Circuit classes to my training which really amp'd things up.

You would think this week that my weight would have just melted away. Aggh sadly no my weight has gone up.  Will have to wait and see how things go on Wednesdays weigh in.  I know my belly feels flatter and I'm feeling more toned.   I just wish the scales would move.

I bought a running magazine.  I was attracted to the front cover (as per photo) of the lady with one leg.
I figure if she can run with 1.2 legs then I can get my fat butt running with two good legs.  Lots of motivating reading in there and all of the upcoming fun runs etc.

And I will leave you with tonights dinner.  Super easy chicken with a teaspoon of Kecap Manus rubbed all over. Then you slice up a granny smith apple, (however, I would use a pink lady next time). Take the chicken out when cooked leave to rest and throw the apples in to carmel in the sauce.  Serve with greens and mashed sweet potato that is mashed with no butter or milk.

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