Monday, June 13, 2011

The sooooo loooong weekend.

My little boy had a "Pupil free day" from school on Friday.  Add that to a 3 day long weekend and then on Tuesday he had another day off due to a hospital appointment.  I feel like my whole week has been all over the place.

I will be honest and say straight up that I am struggling this week.  I need to get my act together.
I feel lost due to my hip playing up and not being able to push myself. Hell! I can't even sit on a freaking bike and peddle at the moment.

I saw the replacement chiro last Thursday and while he was good he simply didn't know how to adjust my hip. My lovely Chiropractor actually pulls at my hip and we do some exercises to release the pressure off the nerve. This guy just used a gun thing and I feel like nothing has been done.

I feel defeated and I haven't been to gym since a poor workout that I did on Saturday.

I am also finding it hard to burn 500 calories at the gym.  I can normally smash 900 easy but since dropping to a lower weight. I adjusted my heart monitor and now I have to work even freaking harder......... I know I should be happy.

I have had birthdays, lunches and special dinners this week.  Look! I know that is life and maybe I should have planned it a bit better but I didn't and now all I can do is hope that tomorrow the scales are the same or lower and JFDI as Michelle would say!............

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