Wednesday, January 18, 2012

80.8kgs Weigh in day.

As the middle of January hits me like a tornado today.  I weighed in at 80.8kgs.  Yesterday I was back down to 79.8kgs.  

Yesterday, I was naughty! I had managed to be reasonable good food wise all day.  It was a lovely warm evening and my little guy was in his pool.  So I had a beer or two or three!  So I felt bloated and light headed to say the least.

Bring on Feb 2012 as my husband has decided that he is not going to drink at all during Feb.  I know I can live without it.  I have done it before and prior to meeting hubby, I hardly sipped a drink.

I also found from doing previous challenges that my tastebuds and should I say my liver changed.  I could no longer drink wine or Sparkly wine.  I have a massive headache the next day and trouble sleeping.  So I do feel rather bogan'ish drinking beer. I must say that it is designer beer I drink!  Much to my mothers displeasure, she can't stand a women drinking beer. But then again she can't stand anyone drinking. Oh and yes, she enjoys a couple of glasses or few!

I am still struggling with my obsession with food.  Although it had changed to healthy food, some time ago.  I still find myself needing to cook and prep foods.  Its just the inner Master Chef in me. Thank fully my oven isn't working. Otherwise there would be cupcakes! Healthy ones!

Cooked myself the Char grilled beef with salsa from the 12 WBT program.  I could honestly eat this every second night of the week.  Lovely fresh, clean flavours.

Made my fav lunch of Turkey, Avo and cranberry on corn Crackers. Nom Nom another 12 WBT recipe.

I made it into the gym so far twice this week.  Its a freaking struggle and I still feel like my back is broken into two parts.  This has been 2 years of pain.  The reason why I know is that Hubby and I have booked our Queensland holiday for October this year.  Will go into that more later.

Anyway 2009 and 2010 I was struggling to walk due to injuries from me training and trying to loose weight.

That is one of my goals, yes I am sure I probably had it as one of my goals in 2011. I need to either have this hip operation of find something that is going to allow me to train without being crippled in pain afterwards. Leaving me questioning is it really worth exercising because the pain afterwards is a killer.

So my "To do" this week is sort out some goals for this challenge.

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  1. Hey Felicity - thanks for your hello on the 12wbt forum!