Monday, January 30, 2012

Yay Finally did an outside bootcamp

Today I had, had enough of sitting at home.

The joys of having a child with autism is that it is so hard to get them motivated and out of the house. Unless of course its something they really want to do.

So I just relaxed after working all weekend. Made some tasty Michelle Bridges pumpkin soup and booked myself in for a session with Matt at Elevate your fitness.

I have been training with Matt for a long time.  He was my mentor back in 2010 when I signed up for the gym 12 week challenge.   He is the one person who knows how hard I push myself and that I really arent making excuses when I am hurting.

But I will admit as 6pm rolled on tonight I had a lot of self sabotage talk going on in my head.   But I pushed through it and I did my first ever outside bootcamp and it was freaking awesome.  So nice to have fresh air.

So I have made it one of my goals when I go to the Gold Coast for our anual holiday that I am going to do a bootcamp on the Broadbeach forshore.  I even run past a few last year and nearly went and asked.

Previous years I would look at them and think what freaks get up at 6am to train!  There is no excuse because having a son like mine who wakes at the first ray of sunshine coming through his room.  Well in QLD the bloody sun rises at 4.45am!

So not much has been happening this week.  Just cooking up lots of 12 week meals so I have them ready in the fridge. Getting my mindset ready.  Thinking about my goals etc.

Looking forward to weigh in this week. I really hope there is a downward movement as Round 1 starts in less than 14 days now!

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