Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lost but now I am found

Woow so much has happened in 3 months.

I had an epic fail with my last round of Michelle Bridges for 2011.

Looking back it was doomed from the begining as there was so much happening at home and I was completely out of my routine.

Hubby was between jobs and home for 6 weeks and I started work. Which was meant to be a casual job that lead to insane full time hours during the peak of Christmas and New Year.

While I love working, love having the extra money. I miss my routine, miss my exercise and I miss just being a stay at home mum looking after my family and little house.

I am hoping 2012 and Round 1 of Michelle Bridges will get me back on track and focused.

While we are still on school holidays here in Melbourne and its hard to get a child out of the house who has Autisim because he has been shoved off to family and school holiday program while I am at work. I have been stuck at home.

One of the things I have noticed that my hip and back has not played up as much while I have cut back on my gym time.  Well until New Years eve when I tripped over my puppy in the dark and really really did some serious damage to my back.

My job involves a huge amount of heavy lifting and moving heavy stock around the shop that I think its taken its toll on my body.  I will have to see how I go and may be I will need to go back into office work if my body can't handle this pain.

Also while on the subject of my hip.  I have been told if I don't have my hip operation this year (needed it 2 years ago) that I am going to probably end up needing a full hip replacement. Which doesn't excite one bit of me.

So basically that has been it for the past 3 months. Life has been a blur of work, sleep, work and family life.

I am hoping I will achieve a Happy life balance this year.  Well that is my aim.

I will sit down over the next few days and work out what my goals are.  I know that by the end of this year I am going to be at goal weight 57kgs.  I have no idea why I am not there now. I should have been!

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