Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am as sick as a dog with some sort of virus thing.  I knew with everything going on in my life that I wasn't eating properly and then with my calf injury, I wasn't getting to the gym.

I know the food eating is the main factor  With work etc and not having my routine I wasn't eating clean foods so bam! I am so sick.  Lets hope hubby doesn't get it because we all know about man flu being so much more painful for men!

I was really surprised that my weight wasn't through the roof  It's been so long since I have weighed myself and its that time of the month as well.  I few lunch dates and dinner's out and my weight is still around the same

Today I am going to share a Facebook comment from the lovely Kelly who has lost a stack of weight on the Michelle Bridges program and has gone on to be a PT and motivator.

10 signs you emotionally eat
1. You eat when you arn't hungry
2. You feel hungry suddenly for no reason
3. You turn to food after/during emotional times
4. You eat when bored
5. You eat until you are uncomfortably full
6. You eat alone & are embarassed about what/how much you eat
7. You eat without thinking & realise how much you have eaten when you're finished
8. You feel disgusted, depressed & guilty after eating
9. You arn't satisfied after eating
10. You always think about food

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