Sunday, August 14, 2011

Round 3 of the Michelle Bridge 12WBT

Life this week has been busy and full on.  But we are all happy and reasonably happy!

This week saw me start working at Matchbox which is super exciting for me.  I adore home wares and its right up my ally.  I had been tossing up the idea of going back into Tupperware and I had been approached only a week ago for me to rejoin.   However, at the time I just couldn't see myself working a bit here and a little bit there.   Although I am only a casual at Matchbox - I have a 2 week roster so I have an idea of when I am  scheduled in.

The downside is that I am working over lunch time.  Sometimes starting at 10am and working until 3pm.  So it is totally "Not" awesome for my diet or my tummy.  So far I have managed but my weight has gone up rather than down in the last week.

Last week also saw me damage my calf muscle again.  It's weird because I am reasonable OK to walk while I am at work.  It must be something to do with the flat floor.  Actually I thought standing on my feet for so long and walking around that I would burn the calories.  Sadly its so not happening.

So I haven't been to gym this week - I had planned to go today however Brodie and I ended up at the Doctors because he has a chest infection and I have a sinus one.  

I plan on doing some water aerobic tomorrow or just like gym work until I feel confident that I can put some weight back on my calf muscle.

Today is also the opening of Round 3 of the Michelle Bridges 12wbt.   Right at this very moment, I haven't thought too much about setting goals etc.  Mainly because I just feel so utterly exhausted.

I might also have to come to the realisation that this body wasn't built to run...........

Sadly today I realised that I forgot to measure myself and take my end of challenge photos and upload them before the close of Round 2.   I kind of lost the plot towards the end.  Maybe I was just too focused for the first 8 weeks but then again the last few weeks have been a pretty emotional time in my little house.

While I wait for the next round to start - I still have the challenge at my gym.  Thankfully, I can take my time in completing the required events before the 10 weeks are up seeing I am injured.  Can't wait to get back in the gym!  No I really do mean it.

So if you have been thinking of joining up to the Michelle Bridges challenge - Just do it - I may be the best impulse buy you make this year. 

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