Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Round 2 final week. 76.2kgs

Yes,  My weight is back up but I am ok with it.

This is such a strange way for me to feel.  Like I didn't make my goal of 69kgs but I am Ok.  I can see myself at this or less by the time Round 3 is completed in December.  I can see myself being a size 12 or less.

I know I have the strength to do it.  I have amazing friends (including you cyber ones) and family. Plus an awesome exercise support crew with Matt and the team at my gym.  I know I can do it and I will.

I honestly can't wait for Round 3 to open.  Registration starts next week.  If your thinking about doing it "Just do it".  You will gain your health and maybe live a few decades longer.  If your not interested in the weight loss side of things.  There are 2 other groups which just focus on being lean and strong.

My goal next round is to be at 65kgs (Oh my even just typing that). I have lost over 8kgs this round probably more but I haven't been following the menu this week and I am up a kilo.

It feels good to try on size 12 jeans today!  Heck they were tight around the middle but just! I am so close I can feel it.  My hair dresser was amazed at how much my body shape has changed and how healthy my hair is now from eating whole food and clean foods.   So even though the scales didn't make it to 69kgs.  I feel so much better.  I must remember this daily and make it my mantra to stay on track for the next round.

If I make it to 65kgs next round (far out Brussels sprouts) I will only be within 5kgs of my initial goal weight.  It will also be the weight I was when we went to Bali in 1997! ( I actually gain 5kgs from training before we went).

I feel so much positive and confident and while I am still over weight, I feel less judged by strangers.

I look back at the few photos of have of myself at nearly 100kgs and I do understand why people would be like that.   I do hate saying that but I was not in a good place.

So will I post my before and after photos?  In my undies or should I keep them to myself? That is the question!

I should also add that I am back at work and covering the lunch shifts. Which means I start either at 10 or 11am until 3 or 4pm.  No lunch or meal break.  It's tough and I come home starving.  If anyone has any suggestions that would be fantastic.  As we can't eat in the shop.

Also my husband finally quit his job of nearly 20 years yesterday and I have been on a bit of an emotional eating rollercoaster for the last 72hrs.  I am ashamed to admit that I still haven't won my battle with emotional eating. Hopefully I will find the answer soon on how to stop.

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