Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh man I am so missing my routine.

I am feeling better but still not running at 100%.  Talking about running I did a smashing work out on Monday.  First one where I felt well enough to push myself since I hurt my calf muscle again.

It felt so good to be back in the gym ~ it was like visiting an old friend  and having loads of belly laughs.  I felt so happy for the rest of the day.  When I work out I eat well.  When I don't work out I tend to fall off the wagon.  There you go I said it out loud.

Sadly there is an elderly gent that is at gym every single day of the week.  He always comes up and says "Hellow" I have never not seen him at gym.  I think his name is Doug.   The last time I went to gym 2 weeks ago I noticed that I hadn't seen him for a week.  Monday I realised he still wasn't there.  I asked one of the trainers and he is really really sick.  Doug is inspirational.  He just gets up and goes to gym every day.

He keeps strong and healthy and he is in his 80's.  I hope he gets well enough to get back in the gym.  I miss his daily chats as short as they might be some days.  I miss his "hellos".

Being sick and having hubby home and working and doing school excursions ~ I am so out of sorts, routine and healthy food options.

I will admit that I still haven't been eating as well as I should.  I have even had a glass of wine or two this week.

And yesterday I was running to catch the school bus as they where waiting on us.  Just took off to do a little jog and "Boing!!!" I heard my calf muscle go again.  I can still walk which is so much better than the previous two times but that is it I'm over it.  So tomorrow I am off to have scans done and get to the bottom of this.

I want to be running again and I want to be able to get into the 60's by Christmas.

I have my rooster for the next 2 weeks full on but at least I can start planning my eating better around it.  Although I am not sure about my exercise part of it.  The gym challenge has fallen off the wagon.  Its week 7 and I just can't keep up with it due to the lack of exercise.

So I am still 76 kilos and need to pull my finger out and get working.

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