Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm still here!

The past week has been a whirlpool of emotions and exciting new things happening within my family life.

My goal to lose weight and regain my self esteem and re-enter the workforce, has always been the biggest priority.  So last week when i saw one of my favourite home ware stores advertising for a casual position, my heart jumped a beat.  The old me was saying "It's all too hard and if you go back to work you wont have time left for you!".   So I sat on it for 48hrs and then something happened!  I walked into the store to find out more about the position and what it involved.  

2 days later I had an interview with the area manager and a few days later I started training and as of next week I am on casual shifts which suit me fine.    18 months ago there is no way I would have had the courage to do it. Although I am still 15kgs over weight I felt it was time.

Then my husbands work took another rotten turn.  He is now the only person still at the company from the old owners.  The new owners have pushed or thrown everyone else out the door and replaced them with cheap and in experienced staff.  It's been a terrible time for his self esteem and blood pressure and then he fell apart last week.  Finally after 18 years he took some time off work.  My husband only takes holidays and all the years I have known him he has hardly taken any sick days.   It was good as it turned out a job he applied for weeks ago asked him to come in and he ended up with 2 interviews for this new company and fingers crossed he will be out of the "Hell hole" that he has stayed loyal with.  

Even if he takes the new one for 12 months - He will gain some experience its a proper 38 hour week type job not like the one he is currently in.  Currently he gets paid for 38 hours but works up to 60 hours for the love of the company.

So back to me!  With all the ups and downs.  Plus Brodie having some allergy testing done on Tuesday - I personally have felt really drained.  I turned up for my Monday Cardio class and my heart just wasn't there.  Skipped Tuesday, Worked Wednesday. Missed my cycle class on Thursday and did a "Half arsed" work out. Friday did a better workout.  No training on Saturday and did a cycle class today (Sunday).

My eating has been all over the place and with 2 weeks left of the Michelle Bridge Challenge I can see that I am so not going to make my goal weight of 69kgs.    Monday/Tuesday to weigh myself again.

My hip and lower back are giving me real grief at the moment and I have booked in to have some Osteo on Tuesday.  Sadly my health insurance extras has run out.  So it's going to be even harder on the budget until the end of the year.

I am not sure if I have posted about the fantastic Lasagna on the current menu of the Michelle Bridges challenge.  I had not eaten any pasta in the 10 odd weeks until this came up.  It is so tasty and I will check if I can share the recipe and will post it later.

One of my new 5pm loves. Onces upon a time it was wine-o-clock then but now I love flavored teas. Plus they are caffine free.

Last weeks weigh in up from 75kgs. 

I have signed up again for the next round of MB challenge.  I hope with the warmer weather that I will get more motivated to stick to the menu of the program.  While I have been 80% following the menu.  I haven't had huge weight loss numbers on the weeks that I have swapped food out for things that I do like to eat.

I think anyone who is thinking of joining - Just do it.  For $20 a week you get weekly exercise plan (You don't need a gym). Food menu plus loads more.  I would be lost without the cyber support that I have from the new friends I have made.  I never want to go back to the old me.  Each day is still a struggle in some way but always in a positive way.

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  1. Hey Flick, Congratulations on the job! That is so awesome :) I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your updates and they remind me to keep up my motivation re: health, and try and add some more exercise to my days. Thanks!